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Dear Governor Walz,
I oppose the Walz administration’s proposed amendments adopting Low-Emission Vehicle and Zero-Emission Vehicle air pollution standards (Revisor’s ID R-4626) because I do not believe unelected bureaucrats in California should be making decisions for Minnesota drivers.
These new regulations would increase the cost of cars in Minnesota between $800 and $2,500 per car through model year 2025. Higher vehicle prices harm all Minnesotans, but low-income and minority households are disproportionately harmed because they need private transportation to access as many potential jobs as possible. These regressive regulations will hurt poor families who desperately need economic stability.
Meanwhile, the rule will produce zero measurable environmental benefits. Using the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan calculations, these rules would avert only 0.000052 degrees C of future global warming by 2100, an amount far too small to measure.
During the recent government-imposed shutdown of Minnesota’s economy, which resulted in 40% less traffic, air pollution was actually higher than the previous five-year average. If the stay-home order was unable to produce any environmental benefits, then there is simply zero justification for these regulations.
For these reasons, I’m asking the MPCA to withdraw this rule from consideration.

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Gov. Walz wants to make driving more expensive and less safe by forcing California Car Mandates on Minnesotans, all for little to no impact on the environment.

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The new rules will:

Walz knows the mandates would never pass the legislature so he's going through unelected bureaucrats...

Don't let Governor Walz turn Minnesota into California.

P.S. Perhaps Walz should take some of his own medicine. His vehicle gets a mere 11.4 miles per gallon!